Riccione is a comune in the Province of Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy. As of 2007 Riccione had an estimated population of 34,868.

A young city for young people, for those who never tires, where the holiday is "H 24", 24 on 24 hours. From the sea to the disco, the pub from the beach, in Riccione, willing, never sleeps: a place that "is trendy", creates fashions, invents the premises, for holidays "full immersion".

Today, Riccione is one of the main resorts on the Adriatic coast, with very respectable numbers: about 150 beach resorts and 460 hotels, a beach of fine sand, on which oversee 41 rescue stations.

A location coveted by young people for whom the fun never stops, not even at night, but also for families with children in tow: the type of the seabed and the facilities are, in fact, "Fit for Children", for stays as safe as rewarding.

The obtained self-government, due to the Royal Decree of 19 October 1922, gave new impetus to tourism in Riccione.

Quality standards at the highest levels, even to meet the growing needs of tourists, including more and more foreign ones, and not just Germans.

Nightlife in Riccione

Fun all night long...

After the beach, as mentioned, the fun continues in dozens of discos and nightclubs, many of whom are entered as of right in the "history" of Italian holidays and gossip, as Cocoricò and Peter Pan. For a lively night as the day, if not more.

More recently, in line with the intense dynamism of Riccione, are "emerging" new types of rooms, with "disco pub" and kiosks on the beach. Or like the "Bar Street", or musical salons in the street, where you can dance, drink, meet ....

Entertainment and culture in Riccione

Art and Culture...

The most famous thoroughfare in Riccione, Viale Ceccarini, was originally called "Viola" in the sense of small street, just over a path that connected the old town (now Riccione-country) to the sea.

It was on 11 October 1912 that the Municipality of Rimini, which the village Riccione belonged, decided to give this road the name "Viale Maria Ceccarini" in honor of the benefactor of the Green Pearl.

The Avenue has became pedestrian in the late "70", and now it is, more than ever, the focus of touristic and urban life, with its fashionable nightspots, shops from global brands, bars, restaurants, the gazebo who have been meeting people and celebrities from every field and every sector.

Riccione is also culture, with a series of events of major interest, which alone are worth the trip, as the International Stamp Fair in September or Riccione Prize for theater in June (Biennale).

The Oltremare Park, inaugurated in 2004, allows visitors to discover the amazing and fascinating marine world and everything related to the formation of Planet Earth and the evolution of life.

The park is aimed at an audience of all ages. Through its attractions and shows rich in educational content aims to encourage and promote the conservation of the environment, with particular attention to the Adriatic Sea and its coasts.

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