Milano Marittima

Milano Marittima is a seaside resort in the municipality of Cervia, known for its tourism and much frequented by young people due to the presence of many pubs, restaurants and shops.

More then a century after its founding, Milano Marittima is not just one of the most famous seaside resorts on the Adriatic coast, but it represents a real "monument" in the history of Italian tourism. Testimony of an era - in between 800 and 900 - where the "resort" was still the preserve of the lucky few.

A time when progress seemed unstoppable, full of optimism and cheerfulness, of ideals and utopias, wanting so much to create the "ideal city", which was to merge harmoniously with nature, not dominate or destroy it.

Tourism in Milano Marittima

Sea, Sun and Nature...

Today Milano Marittima, together with Cervia, is one of the major seaside resorts of the Adriatic, with more than 9 km of sandy beaches, and an impressive accommodation capacity: almost 400 hotels, for more than 26 thousand beds.

First class facilities, for a beach holiday suited to families and children, thanks to the seabed regular and substantially free of hazards. With, respect to other places, something more: its century-old pine forest, just behind Milano Marittima.

A wooded area of 260 hectares, almost intact - with pines, junipers, oaks, ash ..., a rich birdlife - crossed by a network of 32 trails, for refreshing walks, lasting a few minutes or hours, perhaps visiting the ancient thermal baths or the "Butterfly House": a heated greenhouse of 800 square meters, with hundreds of exotic butterflies and birds.

The social life in Milano Marittima

An oasis of peace and fun...

Walking through the streets of Milano Marittima, maybe after a nice day at the beach, you can not be enveloped by its simple and elegant atmosphere, busy but not noisy: elegant stores for a refined shopping, prestigious restaurants where you can sample local seafood specialties, bright nightclubs to spend a night in high spirits.

Always, however, surrounded by the cool of the pine forest, which surrounds and protects the entire town, a true oasis of tranquility and serenity.

The Pineta by Visionnaire is the most fashionable and stylish nightclub on the Adriatic Riviera, open all the year. An exclusive to a few, an old villa with Swarovski chandeliers and a huge window overlooking the swimming pool of the Pacific Dinner.

The music that you dance at Pinewood House is played by the best Europe's DJ. The customers are always at the top and the disco is often attended by people that handle the most famous gossip magazines.

Important places in Milano Marittima

Main sights...

Some interesting places that you can visit...

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