Marina di Ravenna

Founded more than a century ago in the Adriatic coast, 11 km north-east of Ravenna, is achieved through an extension of the road N. 67 (Tosco-Romagnolo).

Located just south of the port channel is the first resort of the Ravenna coast and has a tourist-hotel organization of proven experience and tradition. Marina di Ravenna is dedicated to tourism since the '30s.

Tourism in Marina di Ravenna

For your relax...

Today, Marina di Ravenna is a dynamic and trendy places with rooms and bathing facilities that attract young people from every region.

In Marina there are wide avenues surrounded by greenery and beautiful villas surrounded by parks. Hotels and restaurants are very popular for the seafood, according to maritime tradition still alive.

The great and safe harbor, capable of seating 800, the wide sandy beach, served by modern bathing equipment, made of Marina di Ravenna a place of great tourist attraction.

Marina di Ravenna beach

White sandy beaches...

In the beaches of Marina di Ravenna, the organization of bathing services is efficient and dynamic.

You can choose between a holiday only sun and relax, or sports and fitness on the beach. You can go from romantic restaurants on the beach to the ethnic food or the traditional cuisine of Romagna, from the dance entertainment to the joy of happy hour.

Finally you can experience the passion for the sea with new modern and functional marinas.

Important places in Marina di Ravenna

Fun and Culture...

Popular destination for Sunday outings to the beach of citizens of Ravenna, the Baretto is a simple kiosk located on the right bank of the Canal Candiano, a few hundred meters from its outlet into the sea.

It was opened in the early fifties by Adriano Sacchetti from Ferrara, who was in management until the early nineties, making it a gathering place for socializing and for young people and families.

Due to construction on the pier by the Port Authority, the restaurant was destroyed in September 14, 2008, after fifty years of uninterrupted activity. It has formed a committee of citizens for its reopening.

Opened in November 14, 1998, in Marina di Ravenna, the "National Museum of Underwater Activities" has been made from HDS Italia in close collaboration with the City of Ravenna, who strongly believed in this work, and the contribution of private lenders and various Corporations and Associations.

This first museum, currently only company of its kind in Italy, presents a wide variety of materials, equipment, printing and diorama to illustrate a vast and ancient argument that has its roots in the birth of man.

The number of existing bike paths, in the process of upgrading, are part of a wider project of Ciclovia Adriatic, the long pedestrian path of Bicitalia that will link all the resorts on the Adriatic coast and then cycling axis between the north and south Italy.

In Marina di Ravenna is also expected the passage of the No Branch 5 of Bicitalia: the Ciclovia Romea.

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