Gabicce Mare

Gabicce Mare is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Pesaro e Urbino in the Italian region Marche. The village has once been a fisherman's place, but nowadays it is well known for its blus flagged beaches

Much of the municipal area extends into the Natural Park of San Bartolo: gateway to the region Marche. Its geographical conformation is unique. From the long Romagna plain, in fact, emerges the Crag of San Bartolo hill, naturalistic half and privileged overlooking point overhanging on the Adriatic sea.

Always very popular with tourists from all over Europe for its unique geographical position, Gabicce offers breathtaking scenery and large emotions. Politically within the territory of the Province of Pesaro, Gabicce Mare is the last town located along the Adriatic coast and is separated from the Romagna only from the river Tavollo.

Sea, Sun and Sport in Gabicce Mare

Fun and relax...

Gabicce Mare is situated on the northern coast of the Marche region, known as the "Riviera of the hills", which is characterized by cliffs, coves and small bays of great visual impact.

The beaches are mostly of fine golden sand, soft and free of hazards, perfect to play and enjoy your holiday in the best way. The sea is perfect for children, thanks to its shallow waters.

Whether you are sports and want a holiday full of movement and energy Gabicce is the ideal location.

More and more structures are in fact offering various holiday packages to their customers including conventions and special services for all cycling enthusiasts.

The so-called 'Bike & Sport' Gabicce hotels make available to their clients experienced guides, full technical advice, equipment, therapists, doctors, specialized menus, ad hoc itineraries to discover the wonderful territories considered a true paradise for lovers of cycle touring.

Gabicce Monte

Wonderfull panoramic view...

The country og Gabicce Monte can be reached from Gabicce Mare starting from the small area where the statue of Padre Pio is located, through a path created by the City Council, characterized by an outlook on the Adriatic coast.

There is a splendid panoramic view that sweeps on clear days on the Adriatic coast, from Gabicce Mare to Ravenna.

Once crossed the village of Gabicce Monte, you can follow the "Path of the Coppo", which leads to the sea through thick vegetation. About half midway meets the "Source of the Coppo", famous since ancient times for the healing of water.

The legend of Valbruna

The underwater city of Gabicce Mare...

It is claimed that off the coast of Gabicce Mare, there was a settlement of probable Greek origin, called a time Valbruna, subsequently submerged from the advance of the sea, which has engulfed the city turning it into a sort of Atlantis.

There are not many documents that attest to its existence, but many relics were found by local fishermen, who claim to be able to see on clear days the remains of the city, and even the tip of the steeple of the old church of Valbruna. Still the name Valbruna is engraved in the history of Gabicce Mare, finding its way in different community structures.

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