Fano is a town and comune of the province of Pesaro and Urbino in the Marche region of Italy. It is a beach resort 12 km southeast of Pesaro, located where the Via Flaminia reaches the Adriatic Sea. It is the third city in the region by population after Ancona and Pesaro.

An ancient town of Marche, it was known as Fanum Fortunae after a temple of Fortuna located there. Its first mention in history only dates from 49 BC, when Julius Caesar held it, along with Pisaurum and Ancona. Caesar Augustus established a colonia, and built a wall, some parts of which remain. In the AD 2 Augustus also built an arch (which is still standing) at the entrance to the town.

Tourism in Fano

Sea, Culture and Events...

Fano is a town in the north of the Marche about twenty kilometers from Romagna. Best known for the sea, Fano, however, offers much more.

The tourist who arrives in Fano must know who is in an important place from the historical point of view, and therefore can sometimes get out of his hotel or camping to visit some important monuments and historical attractions.

During the year the town of Fano organizes a series of events to entertain and amuse who goes to spend the holidays in the "city of fortune".

In early August, Fano will make you come back to life of 2,000 years ago thanks to the event "Fano of the Caesars", where people, dressed as ancient Romans, will march through the historic center. At the end of the parade will be held a chariot race, old wagon pulled by a horse.

Throughout the summer will be held the music festival "Fano Jazz by the Sea", born on the sly, which now boasts high-level artists.

And yet, the New Year in the summer, Fano the city of toys, fairs, festivals, parties, make Fano the ideal place to spend the holidays.

The Carnival, the oldest in Italy, with its characteristic launch of cakes from beautiful allegorical floats, the antiques market, which takes place every second Sunday of the month, the season of prose and many other initiatives, make Fano perfect to visit even during the winter.

Fano beach

Fun and Relax...

Fano is one of the jewels of the seaside tourism in the region Marche. A charming seaside town, that offers to visitors a great choice of hotels, bed and breakfast, agritourism and country houses, residences and camping. Fano is famous for the tranquility of its beaches, suitable for family tourism and for all kinds of beach and sea sports!

The beaches of Fano are well-equipped and are divided in two kinds, sandy and gravelly. In short, for all tastes.

Arch of August

A bit of history...

The Roman gate called Arch of August. The upper story was destroyed in a siege conducted on the order of Pope Pius II in 1463, although a bas-relief of it was made by Bernardino di Pietro da Carona in 1513 on an adjacent wall of the annexed church and the loggia of St. Michael, the former having a noteworthy Renaissance portal.

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