Cattolica (Catòlga in Romagnolo dialect) is an Italian town of 16,622 inhabitants in the province of Rimini. It is the easternmost town in the Emilia-Romagna.

It is bordered to the east with Gabicce Mare (PU) which is separated from the stream Tavollo, to the south east with Gradara (PU), on the west by Misano Adriatico, from which it is separated from the river Conca and on the south to San Giovanni in Marignano. It is bathed in the north from the Adriatic Sea.

Known summer resort, Cattolica has a rich seafaring tradition (fishing and shipbuilding). "The Catholic" is mentioned in Dante's Divine Comedy, in Canto XXVIII of the Inferno.

Tourism in Cattolica

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With the beginning of '900, and after the long-awaited municipal autonomy (from January 1, 1896), the first hotels were built, the first organized accomodation of "mass" - for the time, of course - that led Catholic in the group of the top italian seaside resorts, and more.

With the final consecration in the 50s and 60s of 900, with the economic boom and the "true" mass tourism, made up of millions of visitors.

Today, Cattolica is one of the main towns on the Adriatic coast, which resulted in the third millennium its ancient tradition of hospitality, adapted to the times.

Cattolica beach

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The beach of Cattolica has a particularity in some ways unique: the entire length of the beach - about three kilometers, slightly curved - is protected from the swell of the sea by a series of breakwater barriers.

A guard that, over time, has allowed the formation of a homogeneous sand, regular, with a clear and fine sand, in practice, a real natural swimming pool, free of holes, eddies, currents and waves.

A beach so sure, particularly suitable for children, families, new to swimming, and peaceful holiday in maximum security. With a sea that, in 2007, for the eighth consecutive year, has earned the "Blue Flag" European of the FEE.

Cattolica center and Water Park "Le navi"

For your best holiday...

Arriving for the first time in Cattolica, you can not get impressed by his town, newly upgraded, redesigned with urban spaces with airy walkways and meeting areas, arenas, theater, walking paths, fountains and lights, for maximum comfort and usability.

The Water Park "Le Navi", a name derived from the design of buildings, whose shapes and their arrangement call a dynamic fleet ready to sail the sea, is considered an international cultural and architectural heritage.

3000 exemplars of 400 different species of the most varied forms of marine life of the Mediterranean sea and tropical seas, are exhibited in over 100 display tanks.

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