Bellaria Igea Marina

Bellaria - Igea Marina is a town and comune in the province of Rimini, located in the southern fringe of the Po Valley, northern Italy, with approximately 19,000 inhabitants. The summers are very hot and little rainy but constantly ventilated.

Bellaria is offered to tourists as an ideal holiday destination, thanks to a careful balance between optimal and leisure facilities for receiving, overlooking a clean and safe sea, backed by a hilly hinterland rich in history, art and nature.

A location suitable for families and children, in search of relaxation, but also to young people looking for a holiday "fizzy" and amusing, in the background, if we may say, the proverbial good cuisine.

Bellaria Igea Marina center

An oasis of peace and fun...

The historic center of Bellaria Igea Marina, the so-called Isola dei Platani - object of the first major redevelopment and urban design of the Adriatic coast - allows you to live a pleasant "after beach", with a myriad of clubs, bars, pubs and restaurants, shops and boutiques.

A wide and quiet pedestrian area, surrounded by gardens and greenery, where you can walk in peace, and why not, do "the small hours."

Just rest, then, but also the ability to make relaxing walks, with out the cycle-pedestrian use of the river Uso, six kilometers long. A tour for everyone, rest areas equipped with comfortable, in a natural environment of great interest, with refreshing woods - poplar, willow, pine trees - and monumental oaks.

Bellaria Igea Marina beach

An oasis of peace and fun...

The flagship of Bellaria is its beautiful sandy beach, seven kilometers long, a wide beach and linear, protected for its entire length by a series of barriers breakwaters, which create a real natural swimming pool, to the delight of Children and parents peace of mind.

Along the beach, follow each other dozens of modern and equipped bathing establishments that can meet all the needs of modern tourism: sports facilities and dining, play areas for children, water sports equipment rentals (pedal boats, boats ...), entertainment for all tastes, boat rides, and much more. An ideal place for lovers of the classic "beach life".

Notable buildings

The most important monuments of Bellaria Igea Marina...

The Saracen Tower of Bellaria, built at the end of 1500 by the Papal States to defend the coast from attacks by Turkish pirates.

Manned by a garrison of five soldiers and a commander, served as a refuge for civilians who could make good use as a bulwark of defense, invoked by the sound of a bell. Today the tower contains a collection of shells.

The Red House, summer residence of the writer Alfredo Panzini. Open to the public and the seat of '"Panziniana Academy."

The house itself is a museum that has four sides of the remains embedded ceramics that bear the titles of major works of Panzini.

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