Official language:
Standard Chinese
Time zone:
Dialing code:
+86 - 20
Renminbi (yuan) (¥) (CNY)
Guangzhou (also romanized as: Canton; less-commonly known as Kwangchow) is the capital and largest city of Guangdong province in South China. Located on the Pearl River, about 120 km (75 mi) north-northwest of Hong Kong and north-northeast of Macau, Guangzhou is a key national transportation hub and trading port. One of the five National Central Cities, it holds sub-provincial administrative status.
Guangzhou is the third largest Chinese city and the largest city in South Central China. As of the 2010 census, the city's administrative area had a population of 12.78 million. Some estimates place the population of the entire Pearl River Delta Mega City built up area as high as 40 million including Shenzhen (10.36 million), Dongguan (8.22 million) and most parts of Foshan (7.19 million), Jiangmen (4.45 million), Zhongshan (3.12 million) and a small part of Huizhou adjoining Dongguan and Shenzhen, with an area of about 20,000 square kilometres (7,700 sq mi).
The Eight Sights of Guangzhou are the 8 most famous tourist attractions listed by rulers in different ages. The following are those chosen through public appraisal and brought out in 2011. Tayao Xincheng: Canton Tower, Chigang Pagoda, Haixinsha, Flower City Square, Twin Towers, CITIC Plaza and etc. Zhushui Liuguang: Pearl River (segment from Bai'etan to Pazhou), Wharves, Bai'etan, Shamian Island, Yanjiang Lu, Ersha Island, Haixinsha, Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center and etc. Yunshan Diecui: Baiyun Mountain, Yuntai Garden and etc. Yuexiu Fenghua: Yuexiu Mountain, Zhenhai Tower, Five Rams Statue, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Monument and etc. Guci Liufang: Chen Clan Academy and Guangdong Folk Craftwork Museum. Liwan Shengjing: Litchi Bay, Liwan Lake, Arcades on Enning Lu, Xiguan Residences and etc. Kecheng Jinxiu: Guangzhou Science City. Shidi Changwan: Nansha Wetland Park.
There are several parks and gardens in Guangzhou: Baiyun Mountain, literally "White Cloud Mountain", Yuexiu Park, People's Park, Luhu Park, Dongshanhu Park, Liuhuahu Park, Liwanhu Park, Yuntai Garden, Martyrs' Park, The Pearl River Park, South China Botanical Garden.
Guangzhou has a humid, hot sub-tropical climate. The annual average temperature is 21.8 °C (71 °F). Autumn, from October to December, is very moderate, cool and windy, and is the best travel time. There are many tourist attractions around the city which include: Xiguan, Chen Clan Academy or Chan Clan Ancestral Hall, Shamian Island or Shameen Island, Guangdong Provincial Museum, Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King, Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, Sacred Heart Cathedral or Stone House, Huaisheng Mosque, Temple of Bright Filial Piety, Chime-Long Paradise, Chime-Long WaterPark, Guangzhou Peasant Movement Institute, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.
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